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Our Mission is Simple

We want to create the best chocolate products on the planet, just for you. That means chocolate that’s nutritious, high quality and tastes good; but that also makes your life better.

From your working hours through to your exercise and leisure routine and then on to your downtime, there’s a Peak product to optimise every part of your day.

It’s chocolate — but not as you know it.

Our Promise to You

"We will never sell anything that we wouldn't use or don't believe in ourselves." That's our promise to you.




Around 2012, I was really getting serious about life and fitness: playing rugby, studying for a law degree, working out, offering personal training sessions, everything. It was about then that quality dark chocolate became my go-to health food.

Now, I know that chocolate has a bad rap, but I’m on a mission to change your mind. Did you know that chocolate — the kind made from real, high quality cacao — actually has a wide range of health benefits? It’s got antioxidants, to reduce the risk of disease. Fibre, for better gut health. Protein, for growing and maintaining muscle. Potassium, for better muscular and neurological function. Magnesium, for good metabolism. I could go on. It also happens to be the perfect means of delivering supplements to your body in the most efficient and delicious way possible.

So, in 2015, after months of trials, failures and plenty of perseverance we launched our very first product; Peak Active Performance Chocolate. It took-off! Pretty soon, Peak Active was powering everyone, from Crossfit athletes to cross-country runners. In 2017 when the team at Shark Tank invited us to pitch — and gave me a serious grilling — we knew we had a winner!

Luckily for us, none of the Sharks took the bait but the feedback they gave us together with the interest the program generated set us up for success. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Now we have a growing product range, using top quality, all-Australian manufacturing partners. National distribution through our on-line sales and our network of Distributors and Retailers adding up to many thousands of happy customers. And we haven't finished yet. Far from it!

Oh, and in 2020 my partner Elisa and I became parents and we welcomed our son Ziggy into the world. Elisa and I are partners in life and in Peak.

Here at Peak Chocolate, we want to show you that chocolate doesn’t have to be a guilty snack. Our chocolate is high in good fats and antioxidants, very low in sugar and carbs, and packed with our unique supplement formulas designed for work, play and rest.

So, reach for your Peak. Because Life is a Doing Word!

Raph Freedman


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