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High Performance Chocolate

Mixed Packs

Mixed Packs

Get the best out of your day with Peak Active, Focus & Rest Mixed Packs!

Peak Active - Fuel your active lifestyle
An energy and endurance boost to help you power through your day. Increase your explosive energy and endurance from high-quality dark chocolate (80% Cocoa) with the performance benefits of the Peak Active blend of effective sports supplements.

    Peak Focus - When it's time to switch on
    The World’s first supplement enhanced functional dark chocolate. Specifically designed for focused energy and mental performance from high-quality dark chocolate with the performance benefits of the Peak Focus blend of natural Nootropics. 

    Peak Rest - When it's time to Switch OFF
    A lot of people find it hard to wind down at night, which means they don’t get the quality, uninterrupted sleep they need. Peak Rest is designed to help. Sugar-free, dark chocolate infused with natural supplements that will help you wind down and relax in the evenings so you wake up refreshed and recovered. 

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