Making The Most Of It

Written by Macauley Jones, Race Car Driver & Peak Athlete

If Covid-19 is something you are already over reading, hearing or watching, that’s fair, so am I.

Hopefully this is a different perspective from what you are used to hearing about.
We've found ourselves in a situation none of us could have foreseen and are facing challenges we weren't prepared for.
Almost every country is house-bound and isolated. I know it’s not ideal; people are going nuts, not working, lost their job, or sick. These are tough times and most likely will be for a little while to come.
My job has been put on a halt, as have many. At first, I was frustrated; what will happen with the sport? How will I pay the mortgage? etc etc. I did the numbers and will make it work for a while and accept what is happening in the surrounding world and control what I can control.
I am now looking at being in isolation in a different light. I’m doing some Sim Racing online, working on my car, keeping up on my fitness, and building on close relationships. I’ve realised what's important to me and I’m focusing on those things.
I have realised some of the things in life that can cause stress, anxiety, or frustration are nearly forgotten about when in isolation. They’re not so important now that they are not in the forefront of your mind.
This can be a great time to build on positive habits, break the bad ones, set some goals, and realise what is important to you.
I hope this makes you think about some routines or changes you may want to make for yourself. Find out what gets you fired up now that you may have some extra time on your hands.
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Over and out 

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